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Aesthetics, functionality and comfort in the silent and environmentally friendly monosplit wall

Tomorrow has come! Toshiba continues to amaze us with the creation of state-of-the-art air conditioners! Now it is the turn of Toshiba Shorai R32 which, the son of a new era, has as its primary objective respect for the environment and those who populate it. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions with a GWP value of 675, it uses 36% less R32 refrigerant.

A great milestone for a leading company like Toshiba which does not limit its intervention to the reduction of harmful gas emissions in the air, but also pays particular attention to noise pollution: in the new Shorai air conditioners the sound pressure is around 23 dBA, for air conditioner sizes 10 and 13.

Feeling the cooling or heating action of an air conditioner, but not feeling its presence at all through annoying and irritating noises, represents the maximum synthesis of well-being and technology.

Another factor of interest is represented by the aesthetic characteristics: Toshiba Shorai R32 is not just a sophisticated technological object; it is an air conditioner that becomes a pleasant piece of furniture.

Furthermore, the possibility of choosing between 6 different power sizes, from 2.5kW to 7.0kW, makes it adaptable to any environment, residential and commercial. For larger environments, Toshiba has created the new size 24 (7.0 kw), also equipped with the possibility of managing the air flow in 3D: the addition of two independent motorized horizontal deflectors, with 6 different directional positions for air, it allows you to cover large spaces evenly.

Imagine it in your living room, in its simple and essential form with rounded and soft corners, with the original LED indicators on the glossy surface, small details that enhance a mono split wall worthy of the name: to the classic white LED, Toshiba adds the brand new LED blue to indicate cooling mode and red LED for heating mode.


Toshiba Shorai R32 is the air conditioner equipped with a Self Cleaning exchanger that prevents dust from settling and penetrating the battery.
Toshiba Shorai R32 also offers the possibility of quick and easy maintenance, patented on a few simple actions.
The remote control is legible and clear and allows energy savings of up to 25% by activating the ECO button.
The energy class is A ++ in cooling and up to A ++ in heating.
Last but not least, the Toshiba Shorai R32 air conditioner can be controlled and managed remotely both via the web via home Wi-Fi and via your smartphone.

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