Before sending any product back to us for return, please read our return policy and rules carefully: check that the product is eligible for return before physically sending it back. 

If you would like to return all or part of your order to us, you will have to send a return request directly in the reserved area of the reference order and click the "return request" button. For more information you can contact customer service at

Items are carefully checked in our warehouses before being packed and handed over to the courier, so we are always certain of their integrity until they leave our warehouse.

We recommend that you ALWAYS FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE on delivery.

- If the package is intact in its outer packaging, ask the courier to tick the check box on the electronic terminal, then, if possible, write the note "Hidden damage reserve" in the box provided for signing and then sign.

- If the package has anomalies already visible in the outer packaging, you must refuse the delivery and justify the refusal by writing on the slip the words "visibly damaged package" or "open package" or "damaged package ... wet ... washed ... etc."

The particular health situation caused by the COVID19 often prevents contact with couriers and their electronic terminals, so if it is not possible to write the wording in your own handwriting before signing, it is in any case important to REQUEST that at least the tick be placed on the "generic reserve" on the PDA and check that this has been done; do not accept only verbal reserves promised by the courier.

Failure to comply with any of the above procedures will automatically result in the rejection of the return or replacement of material damaged in transit. 

General rules.

  • All products must be returned within 14 days of delivery.
  • We only accept products in their original condition.

Incorrect shipments

For errors in sending products (the product sent is different from the one ordered), once the error is confirmed, we will be responsible for the replacement and all shipping costs. If you prefer, you can also return the product and receive a full refund, including shipping costs, only after the goods have been returned to our warehouses.

Quality issues

We will be responsible for replacements or refunds if there are any quality issues only after the goods have been returned to our warehouses. The customer may have to return the product to our warehouse, and after checking and confirming that the product has not been damaged on purpose, we will replace the product or offer a full refund within 14 days upon receipt of the goods collected in our warehouses.

Return procedure

Items must be returned perfectly packaged in their original unopened boxes and sent to our warehouse at your own expense.

Shipment should be made to:


at E-GLOBE S.p.A.

Via dell'Artigianato, 82 (Industrial Area)

88811 Cirò Marina (KR)

The customer will open a personal relationship with the forwarding agent who will be in charge of the transport; therefore, in the event of disputes related to any damage caused by the forwarding agent, our company will be excluded from any responsibility and it will not be possible to make any kind of refund; in this case, the articles will remain available to the customer for collection, which will always be carried out at his own expense within 30 days of their arrival at our warehouse.

After arrival, the items will be inspected by our technicians and if they are perfectly intact, it will be possible to take advantage of the credit of what was originally paid only for the value of the object and as an advance for a subsequent purchase or refund; the modalities will be agreed from time to time with our employees.