PayPal is a platform that allows you to send and receive payments in a safe, convenient and economical way. With PayPal your card details are safe because they are never shared with the seller. To pay with PayPal all you have to do is create your own free virtual PayPal account and then you will always be identified exclusively by the e-mail address associated with the account.

With its protections, PayPal offers maximum security to both the buyer and the seller but it is necessary to respect some important rules; first of all the address verified on the buyer's PayPal account must correspond to the shipping address to which you indicate you wish to receive delivery, therefore the seller can't ship to a different address. If you pay with PayPal and the seller doesn't ship anything, you can ask PayPal for a refund (you must be able to prove the seller's bad faith). For each order, PayPal charges the seller a commission on the transaction, the price you pay will not change; if the seller can't make the delivery, you will get a full refund of the amount paid, if instead you ask the seller for a refund because of the Right of Withdrawal or because you got the address wrong, the seller will obviously return only the amount he received net of the commission retained by PayPal.

Below is a summary of the procedure to follow to purchase in our shop. 

1) Register on the site (optional for "fast payment with PayPal").

2) Place your order by choosing the PayPal payment option.

3) Continue on the PayPal site that will open automatically after closing the order on our site and make the payment.

The shipment of the ordered items (if immediately available) will be made within 24/48 hours from the actual crediting of the payment which for PayPal is immediate; you can use this payment method if you are particularly urgent to receive the material.


Credit Card

Paying by credit card has an important advantage: your credit card details will only be known by NEXI (intermediary bank for secure payments), while we will only receive confirmation of your payment. In addition, this system guarantees a high level of security in online transactions thanks to 128-bit encrypted transport and encryption of the parameters passed through your browser.

You can therefore rest assured that your credit card details will not be spread across the Internet to multiple sites and databases.

Before attempting to pay online with this payment method, we recommend that you make sure that your card has been enabled for online payments with the "3D Secure" system by the credit institute that supplied it, otherwise the payment will fail, nothing will be deducted from the card's ceiling and the order can't be processed. 

Below is a summary of the procedure to follow to purchase in our shop. 

1) Register on the site.

2) Place your order by choosing the payment method Credit Card.

3) Go to the NEXI website, which will open automatically after you have placed your order on our website, and make the payment, indicating all your credit card details.

The ordered items will be shipped (if immediately available) within 24/48 hours from the actual crediting of the payment. 



If you buy with Scalapay you receive your order immediately and pay in 3 instalments. You acknowledge that the instalments will be assigned to Incremento SPV S.r.l., related parties and their assignees, and that you authorise such assignment." The amount that can be financed ranges from € 5 to € 2,000.


Ordinary bank transfer

This type of payment costs less than cash on delivery and allows delivery directly to your home without any formalities. 

The goods will only be dispatched once they have been credited to your bank account, and should be used if there is no particular urgency.

The reason for the bank transfer must include the order number and the name and surname of the recipient. The bank transfer must be made to:

Crédit Agricole, Cesena bank branch - IBAN Code:
IT 74 B 06230 67832 000046657470  


Here is the procedure to follow to purchase in our shop. 

1) Register on the website

2) Place the order by choosing the payment condition Bank Transfer.

3) Make the payment by ordinary bank transfer in favour of E-GLOBE S.p.A. on the IBAN Code: IT 74 B 06230 67832 000046657470 - BIC/SWIFT CRPPIT2P315.

The shipment of the ordered items will be carried out after the actual crediting of the payment (it takes about 48 working hours from the date of validity of the transfer).