Samsung AR9500M Wind-Free

The new Wind-Free air conditioners

When technology is at the service of the individual, without forgetting that the first requirement is respect for health, a product close to the consumer is born, able to combine innovative design and advanced technology.

Elegant and functional design

Its particular triangular shape allows the Samsung AR9500M air conditioner to become a pleasant piece of furniture, capable of creating, with its homogeneous flow of air, a comfortable climate in every corner of your room.
Its 21,000 micro-holes diffuse fresh air in a natural and discreet way, in two distinct phases: Fast Cooling, which quickly lowers the temperature, is followed by the Wind-Free cooling mode which allows you to maintain a stable climate. The air is cooled quickly and spread evenly in even very large rooms.

Technology and efficiency

The Samsung AR9500M series offers advanced air conditioning solutions, which respect every moment of everyday life, including night rest, avoiding annoying flows of cold air. The new 8-Poles Digital Inverter system, equipped with Power Boost Technology, allows a lower number of torque fluctuations with a consequent significant energy saving (equal to 72% compared to traditional systems).

Remote control

The Wi-Fi connection is also extremely useful, which allows, through the Samsung Smart Home App, the control of the air conditioner from a mobile phone: you will have the possibility to adjust the ignition and the temperature, to receive information on energy consumption and useful information in in case of need for repair.

A premium air conditioner

The completeness of Samsung Electronics' air conditioning solution has allowed the new AR9500M air conditioners to win the CES Innovation Awards in Las Vegas.